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    How to import a batch of systems?

    This import allows you to:

    • import new systems with a 3rd Party SIM card
    • import new systems without any SIM card (wired systems)
    • update your current systems (to declare a gateway, firmware or any application to a system)

    You can not create a single system based on a 3rd-Party operator using the User Interface in your current account configuration.

    Step 1: Download a template

    This step is optional. The Import & Edit filter helps you to start by generating a template for you. If you have already generated your template, you can fill in your factory and go to Step 3 and upload it.

    Import new systems

    1. Go to Monitor > Systems
    2. Click on the More menu
    3. Click on the Import & Edit action
    4. Click on Generate

    Update current systems

    1. Go to Monitor > Systems
    2. Filter the list of systems and check the ones you want to update
    3. Click on the More menu
    4. Click on the Import & Edit action
    5. Click on Generate

    Step 2: Edit the template

    In this step, you fill the CSV file with the systems to add and complete the information for the current systems.

    The default template contains the most useful field. You can check all the fields you can add in the import API Documentation (click on CSV Header tab).

    To declare applications and firmware, see step 3.

    If you want to create new systems, just add new lines in the CSV file.

    If you want to update systems, you can use the Step 1 to generate a CSV file with systems you selected and/or add new lines with the references you have.

    A system in the CSV file can be referenced in different ways:

    • by its UID
    • by the ICCID affected to the system
    • by the Serial Number affected to the system.

    Notice that you can provide all those references in each line. During the import process, AirVantage will check those references match the same system. Otherwise the line will be rejected.

    Here various examples to illustrate this feature:

    Sierra Wireless SIM cards use case

    3rd Party SIM cards use case

    The last column associates an operator account to your system in order to interface AirVantage with your operator platform so that you can manage them through AirVantage.

    To know more about Operator account configuration, see How to configure an operator account.

    Wired systems use case

    You can register all these kind of systems using a single file.

    Step 3: Upload the template and final configuration

    The last step consists mainly in uploading the file and importing/modifying the systems but this step allows you to configure the applications and the firmware for the systems.

    • Select your CSV file
    • You can specify the firmware or your application to associate to all your batch of systems declared in this import.

    This doesn’t install or upgrade the firmware or the applications on your systems.

    • Select your applications by clicking on the glass, use the criteria to filter the long list of firmware AirVantage supplies and select it.

    • Click on Import to finalize your configuration, upload the file and import/update your systems

    An operation is created and you can follow up the importing.

    You can edit a single system from the system dashboard view and click on More > Edit.