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    Certificate Considerations for ALEOS and AirLink Manager Communication

    There are multiple places that certificates need to be placed on the AMM server. Sierra Wireless Support staff manage the placement of these certificates.

    Currently the following certificate authorities(CA) are supported.

    Certificate Authority ALEOS Version

    4.15 4.16+


    Sectigo (previously known as Comodo)
    Let’s Encrypt

    GoDaddy Group (Starfield, GoDaddy)


    Note: All AMM features using certificates may not be supported if on a closed network that has no public DNS resolution and uses internal CA certificates.

    AMM Certificate Supported Features

    Required Format Web client https/SSL ALEOS device reporting via https/SSL ALEOS Management Tunnel
    Self-signed(default) N/A Requires exception Requires disabling TLS Not supported
    Public CA (see list above) x509 base 64 encoded Supported Supported Supported for ALESO 4.13+
    Internal CA or Public CA (Other) x509 base 64 encoded Supported Requires disabling TLS Not supported