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    Installing an AAF Application from the AMM

    AAF applications can be installed by the AMM onto ALEOS devices running 4.4.5 and above if AAF functionality has been enabled on those devices. If AAF has not been enabled, the device will appear in the Unaffected Gateways list with the reason set to ALEOS Application Framework is not enabled, or its state cannot be detected.

    Use the following steps to enable AAF and install AAF applications to ALEOS devices:

    1. Select the device(s) in the Gateway tree.
    2. Enable AAF by setting MSCIID 10250 to 1 for those device(s). This can be done using the procedure described in Configuring Device-Specific Parameters for ALEOS Configurations from the AMM or by manually setting it in the device’s msciconfig file.
    3. Once the configuration is applied to the gateway, wait for the gateway to reboot and check in with the AMM, navigate to Configuration > Deployment > Configuration Control, and ensure the device is in Config confirmed state.
    4. Install the AAF application on the device using the installation procedure described in Distribution. The device should be listed in the “Affected Gateways” list in the distribution wizard indicating a successful installation.