Eclipse Day 2012 in Toulouse

21 May. 2012
Author: Thibault Cantegrel


Thursday this week (May-24th) will be the Eclipse Day 2012 organized by Sierra Wireless in Toulouse and Obeo, and a great occasion for developers to meet with us, developers at Sierra Wireless Toulouse.


But wait... what is the relationship between Sierra Wireless and the Eclipse Foundation?

The Sierra Wireless team in Toulouse is in charge (among others) of developing development tools (Open AT Developer Studio, ALEOS AF Developer Studio, AirVantage tooling, others...) all based on Eclipse technology.

Actually, the team has contributed for many years to Eclipse open source projects, and end of last year has founded Koneki, an Eclipse open source project for providing tooling to ease machine-to-machine (M2M) applications development, and contributed the code of their Lua development tooling (downloaded more than 100 times a day!) and OMA-DM simulator.

As well, the team has founded the M2M Industry Working Group at Eclipse and recruited partners in order to define and implement an open standard platform for the software development tools used in developing M2M communications applications. Read more here.


I recommend you the 2 machine-to-machine oriented talks by Andy and Benjamin. Don't hesitate to stop by at our (small) booth and chat with us! (and ask me for a T-shirt!)

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