Simple email to SMS gateway

18 Nov. 2013
Author: Thibault Cantegrel

A network monitoring story

How do you receive email alerts from your server (or datacenter) when the alert is “the network is down”?

Have you ever tried to email your system administrator to make him know that the email is… broken? And figured out that you’d rather send an SMS instead?

This small and clever Lua application (OS independent then) developed by Drago Wechtersbach solves this issue nicely by converting email alerts into SMS that are sent straight away by a tiny 2G wireless gateway.

In this presentation Drago did during last Sierra Wireless Developer Days 2013, Drago explains how this application works and runs nicely on a Sierra Wireless FXT009 on top of Open AT.



Slide deck


About Drago Wechtersbach

Drago is one of the most active developers in Sierra Wireless developers community. Drago has more than 30 years in computing and embedded software programming, and is an expert on Sierra Wireless products.


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