Sierra Wireless/MedStartr mHealth Contest Winners!

09 Jul. 2013
Author: Stephanie Kong

Congratulations to Life Patch and Polar Green LLC!

The joint mHealth contest launched by Sierra Wireless and MedStartr (, generated quite a number of interesting and innovative entries.  The winning entries were judged on the successful communication of their solution’s ability to solve a current need in the healthcare community as well as their ability to effectively use wireless technologies to enhance the commercialization of the new product solution.

In the end, these two solutions stood out amongst the rest based on the deciding factors above.  These two companies are: Life Patch (CEO, Aaron Goldstein) based in West Palm Beach, Florida and Polar Green LLC (Director, Vincent Paglione) based in Chicago, Illinois.

These two winners will receive a full Sierra Wireless SL Series development kit as well as a consulting session with the MedStartr team on how to leverage the MedStartr crowd funding platform for their project!


Life Patch

Over 35 million children around the world suffer from febrile seizures.  These are convulsions brought on by fever in infants and small children.  Approximately 1 in 25 of children aged 0-6 suffer from these seizures.  These seizures are caused when a child’s temperature rises to unsafe levels (eg. Above 102 degrees Fahrenheit).

Life Patch is the world’s first non-invasive, real time temperature monitoring device specifically designed for children who suffer from febrile seizures.  A small disposable patch is placed behind the child’s ear or forehead and constantly monitors the child’s temperature.  From the patch using Bluetooth technology, the child’s core body temperature data is communicated to a ‘relay’ unit which in turn uses cellular technology to convey the data to the cloud.  Due to the short range distance limitations of Bluetooth, the ‘relay’ unit using cellular technology will allow parents access to their child’s temperature from any Internet connected device from any location in the world through the application hosted in the cloud.

Life Patch solves the issue of being able to constantly monitor a child’s temperature and monitoring this temperature data over time to create a patient profile for each child.  In turn this data is then used to provide more personal medical advice to the child and his/her parents.


Polar Green LLC

Current furniture design does not address the need for full technology integration into workstations.  There is a lack of flexibility in viewing multiple applications as well as large scale imaging and sharing of such images with others.  In healthcare/medical and other work environments where the sharing of multimedia information as well as collaboration around these materials is an absolute necessity, there is no efficient method to perform these tasks using current workstation technology.

Polar Green aims to design a workstation that will allow key medical personnel as well as persons in other industries to use different platforms (smartphones, tablets and touchscreen panels) using wireless technology on an integrated workstation.  The benefits that can be seen would be the extension of workstation lifecycles, allow for different user preferences for workstations (eg. Touchscreen panels versus keyboards) as well as enhancing the ease of collaboration through the ability to recall files from the cloud and communicating with multiple users.

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