Liveaboard boat automation @ Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2014

23 Jul. 2014
Author: Fabien Fleutot

I'm a Sierra Wireless employee, as well as the owner of a 107 years old river boat, on the Canal du Midi, near Toulouse. The boat is actually cruising and autonomous : it produces its own electricity from photovoltaic panels and a fuel generator, stores it in a dedicated battery bank, and turns it back into 230V alternative current on demand. It also produces its own drinking water and depollutes its waste waters before releasing them.

I'm currently developing a monitoring and remote control solution for the on-board electricity and water plants, based on AirVantage, an AirLink GX440 and a Raspberry Pi. Although the project is still in its early days, I've presented its beginnings at Sierra Wireless' Developer Days in Paris, in may 2014. Below you can find the slides I used as a support. I also keep a blog about it, and all the software I produce is freely available under MIT license.

Download Fabien's presentation
at Developer Day 2014 (PDF)
Fabien's blog & Github

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