Actoboard @ Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2014

27 Aug. 2014
Author: Sierra Wireless


At Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2014, Sylvain from Actoboard presented their product, a data collection and visualization service with dedicated connectors for the AirVantage M2M Cloud and connected objects.

He demonstrated custom dashboards aggregating among others sensor data from our (now famous) Sierra Wireless greenhouse demo via the AirVantage M2M Cloud, a Twitter feed of all the good things said about the event and selfies taken in the exhibition room with a RaspberryPi connected to the Internet using a Sierra Wireless 3G shield (based on AirPrime SL8082T).

This demo was a good example of what AirVantage Cloud APIs allows you to do, in order to interacting with connected devices data from your server application.

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