Smart metering demo using mangOH and IoT acceleration platform

05 Nov. 2015
Author: Crystal Lam


About 24% of electricity customers are equipped with smart meters in Europe (28 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway) at the end of 2014 (source: Berg Insight), and the research firm forecasted the penetration rate will reach 70% by 2022 in the same region. At the European Utility Week, we have presented a new smart energy monitoring demo to illustrate how utilities company can make use of the smart cellular modules already present in a smart meter, to offer extra value-added service to the end customers.



This video recorded at Utility Week Europe 2015 illustrates how utility companies can deliver smart home services on top of the basic meter monitoring feature. Sierra Wireless's integrated device-to-cloud solution allows companies to focus on their business application development and deliver new service to market fast.


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