OneM2M standard with mangOH and the IoT Acceleration Platform

10 Dec. 2015
Author: Thibault Cantegrel


As an ETSI and oneM2M member, Sierra Wireless contributes to M2M/IoT standards. Sierra Wireless is also a member of ESMIG to help shaping the future of the smart energy market in Europe. At the ETSI M2M Workshop held this week in Sophia Antipolis (France), Sierra Wireless showcased a oneM2M standard compliant IoT solution, illustrating a smart-energy use case compliant to the smart energy reference architecture advocated by the European Smart Grid Coordination Group. The demonstration used the brand new open source hardware mangOH, the wireless processor AirPrime WP8548-G running the Legato Linux-based open source framework, and the IoT Acceleration Platform.


Smart Energy Use Case

This demo illustrates a real use case of a service provider offering energy efficiency management solutions in the house to end-users. The service comprises:

  • a smart power meter, provided by the partner company Kamstrup, fitted with an in-home display provided by GEO
  • a home energy gateway connected to the standardized serial interface of the smart meter, and connected as well to various appliances in the home like the heating system, lights, etc... through various interfaces (serial cables, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc.). In this setup, we used a remote ZigBee control switch provided by the partner company Energate.
  • a secured web interface as well as a smart phone application that provides energy consumption monitoring, alerts and recommendations ; plus remote commands to the various appliances the gateway is connected to (heating system, lights, etc.), as well as to the smart meter itself (possibility to shut down the entire energy supply from the meter).
  • a smart energy application (the Flexibility Platform) provided by the partner company Cybergrid.

The solution uses a Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP8548-G 3G wireless processor running a Legato application to retrieve periodic values of the smart meter, and send them to the IoT Acceleration Platform, which exposes an API (as well as a web interface) that the service provider uses to:

  • retrieve power consumption data,
  • send on/off commands to in-home equipments,
  • send on/off commands to the smart meter (restricted to energy providers),
  • manage the fleet of devices (firmware and application updates).


For In this demo, both the communication links displayed in red, and labelled Mca or Mcc, implement the oneM2M standard for IoT communications (using JSON over HTTP). The links displayed in blue comply to the CEN/CENELEC standards for energy solutions (the H2 link, in particular, uses DLMS/COSEM over a serial connection). The link displayed in green and labelled Mca, finally, combines the two standards and uses OBIS over JSON over HTTP, compliant with both oneM2M and CEN/CENELEC.
You can find more information about this demonstration in this presentation


Smart City Use Case

At the same ETSI M2M Workshop, Sierra Wireless was also partnering with Multitech and Vertical M2M to demonstrate a Smart City Use Case, providing the IoT Acceleration Platform as the central element in the end-to-end use case.
The Smart City demonstration included a Multitech Conduit LoRa-to-cellular gateway, used to report sensor information to the IoT Platform using the oneM2M standard (Mcc interface exchanging JSON over HTTP).
In turn, the dedicated CommonSense platform from Vertical M2M would retrieve said information over the oneM2M Mca interface (also JSON over HTTP) from the Sierra Wireless IoT Platform.

Open Source platform

mangOH is the first open source platform meant to ease the prototyping and the productization of IoT applications. It accepts application processors and cellular modules at CF3 form factor (silver square on the picture above), and uses industrial-grade IoT connectors (slided from the right) to add various type of connectivity and sensors -- mangOH accepts hot plugin of these IoT Connectors.

In other words, mangOH does the link between an embedded application service and its environment, with a total flexibility on the networks and technology used to reach the sensors and actuators.

To finish with, you'll find all design files to reproduce a mangOH board online. Its license allows you to freely copy, modify the design and build products with it, even commercial ones, with the only constraint to give credit to the open source project in its documentation (Creative Common Attribution license).

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