Sierra Wireless and open source IoT development

17 Feb. 2015
Author: Crystal Lam

What is the common point between Embedded World in Nuremberg and EclipseCON in San Francisco?
IoT – the Internet of Things !

IoT is the key theme of both events this year, and Sierra Wireless will exhibit our IoT solution with the Eclipse Foundation in these conferences.


What is the Eclipse Foundation? What is Sierra Wireless’ involvement in open source development?

Eclipse Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting open source software development. Sierra Wireless, IBM and Eurotech were the founding members of Eclipse’s IoT working group. We are actively involved in the Eclipse IoT community and contribute to the open source projects, including “Leshan”, “Wakaama”, “Californium” and “LDT”.  We believe these open source technologies will increase the interoperability and security of our IoT solutions.

For instance, thanks to the MQTT implementation, any hardware (Sierra Wireless or 3rd party hardware) can send or receive machine data to the AirVantage platform, for data storage, aggregation and eventually data integration into the back-end system or a new mobile app. MQTT protocol offers a solution to embedded development, and makes it easy enough for any company to use AirVantage M2M Cloud to build and deploy IoT solutions in a short period of time.

Today, we are leading the Leshan and Wakaama projects - which define the implementation of another open source IoT protocol, the Light Weight M2M (LWM2M). These projects will enable compliant devices to perform software upgrade, device configuration and monitoring “over-the-air” on compliant backend system like AirVantage.


IoT Demo and talk

During the exhibitions, Sierra Wireless will present the connected street-lighting demo. In this demo, we will see how to use a low-power micro-controller and a cost-effective HL cellular AirPrime module to communicate in MQTT protocol to the AirVantage platform, and use our data management APIs to aggregate and connect machine information into a web app.

At EclipseCON, Julien Vermillard, senior developer and expert in communication protocol at Sierra Wireless, will talk about “The five elements of IoT security…”. He will depict IoT security solution using Lightweight M2M protocol with DTLS.


Where to find us?

At Embedded World, you can find us at the stand of Eclipse and OSADL (Open Source Automation Development Lab) in Hall 4 – 160.

At EclipseCON, we’ll be in Booth 10. You can find the session schedule here:

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