OMA LightweightM2M hands-on session with mangOH

22 Jan. 2016
Author: Sierra Wireless

Thanks to OMA, Arduino and Sierra Wireless who have held a one-day free event in San Diego for makers, developers, robotic enthusiasts, and others to receive hands-on training of IoT protocols on hardware platforms. Field engineers from sponsor companies Arduino and Sierra Wireless have guided attendees step by step on how to install an OMA Lightweight M2M(LwM2M) Client in one of their platforms, open a connection with the OMA LwM2M Server and read and manipulate the sensor values exposed by the OMA LwM2M Client.

Use case

A LwM2M Client has been installed on mangOH boards and exposes the values of the following sensors to a LwM2M Server: Temperature, Humidity, Microphone, Buttons, LEDs, GPIO. A LwM2M server can read and write the values exposed by the sensors.

More information on this meetup event:

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Next meetup will be held in Germany during Embedded World Congress at Erlangen:

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