Get ready for mangOH green, a new category of open hardware launching at Embedded World

02 Feb. 2016
Author: Sierra Wireless
Designed specifically for cellular-enabled IoT applications, mangOH™ green provides a sensor-to-cloud platform for rapidly prototyping ideas and getting them to production quickly. The new open hardware will make it easy to develop industrial-grade products with vetted components, open source software, and a business-friendly open license to modify and reproduce the design.

Partnering with the open source Legato™ Linux platform on the WP Series of embedded modules from Sierra Wireless, mangOH green delivers 90% of an IoT prototype out-of-the-box so developers can begin creating their software and web applications immediately. This new open hardware is Arduino compatible and has plug-and-play IoT Connectors to add additional wireless, wired, and sensor technology seamlessly with: 
  • Built in libraries to connect any Arduino shield to the cloud (no need to change the sketch, just add the AV library to the sketch and you are good to go).
  • Automatic detection of IoT Connectors to load drivers and applications (no integration required, just plug in and start building your apps).
  • Data management service that builds local intelligence on the “edge” as well as pushes data to the big data servers.
Because no one can predict what combinations of technology will be required to power the next IoT killer app, mangOH green is actively partnering with companies like Element 14, Freescale, Linear Technology, Renfell Innovation, Sierra Wireless, Talon Communications, and Texas Instruments to add more IoT Connectors in order to make this the most flexible platform on the market for developing industrial-grade products.

mangOH green cuts through the hype of IoT by delivering a solid starting point so you can test and prototype ideas in weeks instead of months and get-to-market in months instead of years – before the window of opportunity closes or cash runs out. Welcome to a new category of open hardware platforms. 


Hardware highlights

  • Includes a cellular modem for wirelessly connecting your IoT applications over a mobile network
  • 2 CF3 connectors for dual network connectivity or adding additional application processing capability
  • Powerful ARM-based application processor
  • Built-in GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope
  • Can be powered by a battery for low-power wireless applications 
  • Fits into a standard Eurocard case (100mm x 120mm) with customizable 3D printing designs
  • Micro SD Card slot, USB 2.0 Micro, RS232/Serial, RJ45/Ethernet, and Audio Jack

Software highlights

  • Pre-integrated with the open source Legato Linux platform for application-level development
  • Application sandbox provides the secure environment to run and control multiple applications
  • Robust connectivity APIs lets you access cloud and network services such as voice calls, SMS, data, radio controls
  • Customizable middleware components such as configuration, DB, resource arbitration, secure IPC
  • Multi-language support for writing and integrating embedded applications in different programming languages
  • Maintained Linux distribution based on the long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI) hosted by the Linux Foundation

Cloud connectivity highlights

  • Pre-integrated with the IoT Acceleration Platform from Sierra Wireless
  • HTTP-based RESTful APIs for integrating IoT data into your application or service
  • Big Data storage and analytics with aggregated data APIs for driving trend visualization such as average speeds over time or limit visualizations such as maximum and minimum sensor values
  • Alert rules engine and notifications for generating custom alerts based on a variety of data conditions
  • Device monitoring to access the actual cellular connectivity status and the products firmware and application data
  • Device management to send control instructions and actively interact with your products including over-the-air (OTA) upgrades and application lifecycle management

Tool highlights

  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) provides extensible and familiar toolset with built-in API awareness
  • Command Line to automate builds and integrate into any tool chain
  • Robust diagnostic tools for local and remote debugging, troubleshooting, monitoring, and profiling
Go ahead, build something new with mangOH green! For more information, visit

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