How hands-on mangOH workshops look like

16 Mar. 2016
Author: Thibault Cantegrel

Hands on mangOH sessions

What does a hands-on mangOH session look like? A room full of developers, mangOH Green open source hardware boards, computers, cables, sensors, and of course some casual food and drink to sustain the session and help the networking. Add to that a presenter, a few expert folks to support attendees, and you're ready to get everybody developing an actual working IoT sensor-to-cloud application within 2 hours.


It has been a pleasure to get you guys experiencing mangOH & Legato in the previous weeks, and we look forward to the next session!

Please register at to get more news about mangOH -- which will be available soon for purchasing online.

The next hands-on mangOH session is planned for the UK Device Developers’ Conference in Cambridge, April-27-28. Feel free to join and register for the session! We'll have some new & exciting things for you to test.


Pics from mangOH sessions

Here's a few pics from the last 4 hands-on mangOH sessions we did in Germany & South Africa: Erlangen, Johannesburg, Durban & Capetown:


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