Setting up Delegated Tracker Administration

Jul 23, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1075 Views
oMM users who have their own appliance can set up delegated administration. The same approach is used on the hosted service except that Sierra Wireless performs the account setup.

For customers of the hosted service there is one primary account which has administration rights and up to four additional basic accounts that have read-only access.

There are several things to do for each type of user:
  1. The basic account will have viewing privileges and be restricted to subgroup_y.
  2. The primary account will have the ability to move things inside subgroup_x
For the basic account:
  1. Set up the ID, password, etc.
  2. Assign a group to the subgroup_y.
  3. Grant Tabs for Tracker, and maybe Dashboard and Map.
  4. Grant all Stats.
  5. Set up preferences.
  6. Leave configuration privileges as readonly.
For the delegated admin account, do all of the above except the following.
  • Assign group to subgroup_x.
  • Assign configuration privileges as OnBoard Mobility Manager (oMM) read/write.
This should enable the delegate admin account to move units around with that scope.
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