Troubleshooting HD Telemetry and GPIO data that is not appearing on an oMM

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An oMG's HD Telemetry and/or GPIO data is not appearing on an oMM.

Troubleshooting Steps

Use the following steps to troubleshoot an oMG whose HD Telemetry and/or GPIO data is not appearing on an oMM.

1. Use the oMM to determine whether the oMG is online. The oMG's heartbeat value should be under one minute and should be refreshing frequently.

2. If the oMG is not online then confirm that the vehicle is turned on and has good cellular (or Wi-Fi yard) coverage and connectivity.

3. If the vehicle is on but the oMG is still not online, check the LEDs on the oMG. A solid green and amber LED is the correct online operational status. If the green LED is flashing rapidly, it is trying to connect to the network. If there is no green LED turning on at all, please contact Support. If the red LED is on, then there is a voltage issue and the oMG is not getting enough power to turn on.

4. Use the oMM to confirm that the OBD connector is connected: on the oMM, go to the Stats tab for the oMG, select the oMG in question, and then select the OBDScannerConnected stat from the dropdown list. If you do not have access to the Stats tab, speak with your oMM administrator.


A value of 1 indicates that the scanner is connected and sending data to the oMM. A value of 0 indicates that the scanner is not being recognized.

5. Confirm that the oMG is online and that the scanner is recognized as connected on the oMM. If there is no Telemetry or GPIO data, then confirm that it is enabled on the oMG:
    1. Log in to the LCI of the oMG.

    2. For Telemetry issues: navigate to Applications -> HD Telemetry Status. The State field will indicate if there is a connection issue with the ECU or if the connection is good.


Also ensure that HD Telemetry is enabled; navigate to HD Telemetry and ensure the Enable checkbox is set.


6. For GPIO issues: navigate to Applications -> GPIO and ensure it is configured as below:


7. If the configuration has been verified to be correct but issues are still occurring, the hardware will need to be checked including all connections. If a custom ODB cable is in use that is not supplied by Sierra Wireless, we recommend verifying the connection with a standard Telemetry cable supplied by Sierra Wireless. We have seen several instances where custom cables have resulted in data transmission errors.

8. If all of the connections are confirmed but Telemetry or GPIO data is still not showing up in the oMM, please contact Support.
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