Understanding the oMM's Platform Field

Jul 08, 2016 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1071 Views


oMM 2.15.1 adds the capability to assign the platform type per the device ESN, allowing the oMM to infer the platform type based on the ESN of the gateway. This is shown as the "Platform" field on the Dashboard and Admin->Gateways Screens.


If a GX400/440 device is manually registered on the oMM (via the add or import gateway list), the oMM cannot immediately distinguish these two particular platforms and will initially display GX440 for both device types. Once a GX400 device reports in to the oMM, the oMM will retrieve the platform type from the device and will automatically correct the Platform field to indicate "GX400".

This issue will not occur if the device starts reporting into the oMM without manual registration, or for other device types.

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