What does the Heartbeat column on the oMM's Dashboard indicate?

Jul 08, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1193 Views

The oMG sends events to the oMM continuously and these events provide the oMM with data that allows users to track and manage the unit through different network and GPS reports.

If for some reason these events did not reach the oMM, the Heartbeat column will be an indicator since the heartbeat counter shows the last time that the oMM received events from an oMG.

The following are some examples of why a heartbeat counter has not been updated:
  1. The oMG is offline (green light flashing); this is an indication that the oMG does not have a WAN connection.
  2. The oMG requires repair (no green light and amber is either ON or continuously flashing).
  3. The management tunnel is down, which requires further investigation as to why this has happened (this is the tunnel through which oMG events are sent to the oMM).
Note: the unit can be connected to the Internet (green light is on, and users in the vehicle might be able to access the Internet) while the management tunnel is down.

A typical heartbeat is in the range of seconds (and might reach a minute). It is incremented until the oMM receives a new update from the oMG, which resets the heartbeat counter back again to one second.

Also note that sometimes there can be an issue with the oMG WAN connection (e.g. a cellular network issue) and the oMG does not send the update for a few minutes. However, when the issue is resolved (i.e. the cellular link returns to normal), the oMG will push the pending events through the tunnel to the oMM and the heartbeat will be reset to one second.
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