What is the Wiring Assembly Layout of the DC Power Cord for the LS300 and GX Series Modems?

Jan 13, 2016 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1463 Views

The LS300’s and GX Series power have four pins:

  • Two pins connecting DC voltage to the device
  • Two pins providing additional monitoring to the device

Pin 1 – VCC; Connect to +12VDC (red wire)

Pin 2 – Ground; Connect to ground (black wire)

Pin 3 – The ignition sense pin (white wire). The voltage level present on this pin turns the device on and off. NOTE: If you do not connect this pin to the ignition, you MUST connect it to the positive terminal of your power supply/battery.

Pin 4 – Digital input/output (green wire)



GX Series

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