GPIO User Guide

Jul 28, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.1 - 2499 Views
GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) is a feature of the oMG which allows it to communicate with other devices. The GPIO interface consists of four separate INPUT Stats which can be configured independently using the oMM to access the LCI page. The LCI page can also be accessed with a laptop connected to the oMG's LAN segment. These Stats allow Thresholds to be set for each input, so that alerts can be sent when an input is triggered. Communication with the oMG is achieved by building a custom cable which attaches to the RS-232 port on the oMG unit. The other end of the cable can contain up to four custom ports for attachment and communication with up to four simultaneous devices. Contact Sierra Wireless for specifications on how to construct this cable.

This attached document introduces the GPIO feature of the oMG.
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