Specifying Access Point Devices

Jul 10, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1266 Views
When configuring a WiFi Network on the oMG (under WAN->WiFi Networks), enabling the Any BSSID field means that the oMG will connect to any access point which broadcasts the specified SSID.

A more robust and secure solution is to limit connections to known access point devices which broadcast the specified SSID, based on the MAC addresses of those access point devices. To specify accessible access points on a per-device basis, deselect the Any BSSID field, and enter a comma separated list of MAC addresses into the BSSID field corresponding to each allowable access point device. Note that no spaces are allowed between MAC addresses in the list. The MAC address format can be entered with or without colons using hex values A through F in upper or lower case.
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