Installing Airlink USB Images

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This page contains AirLink MG90 MGOS and radio module firmware images.

Latest Software USB Image:


Previous Software USB Images:


Installing MG90 AirLink USB Images

Required hardware / software:

  • Disk imaging application (e.g. Win32 Disk Imager)
  • USB 2.0 flash drive Note: 4 GB and 8 GB drives have been tested, other drive sizes are not guaranteed to work. USB 3.0 drives are not currently supported for this process.

Note: This procedure describes the process for Windows systems using Win32 Disk Imager, but the general steps can be applied to other configurations.

To obtain and install an AirLink software image on the MG90 from a USB 2.0 flash drive:

  1. Download and install a disk imaging application (such as Win32 Disk Imager for Windows systems) from the Internet.
  2. Download the USB image to be installed on the MG90 (see Available Software Images below).
  3. Copy the USB image to a flash drive:
    1. Insert a USB 2.0 4GB or 8GB flash drive into your computer (WARNING — The flash drive will be overwritten by this procedure).
    2. Run Win32 Disk Imager.
    3. From the Device drop-down list, select the USB flash drive.
    4. Click the folder icon to navigate to the USB image you downloaded to the computer.
    5. Display all files in the folder (type “*.*” and press Enter), then select the USB image and click Write.
    6. When prompted to continue, make sure the Target Device is the flash drive and click Yes to continue (or No to go back and change the Device).
    7. When the “Write Successful” message appears, click OK.
    8. Click Exit to close Win32 Disk Imager.
    9. Safely eject the flash drive — select the ‘safe eject’ icon in the task or system tray and wait until notified to remove the drive.
    10. Remove the flash drive from the computer.

      Important: Do not open the flash drive on a computer after writing the image, otherwise the MG90 may not be able to read the image file. (Some applications could alter or damage the file.)

  1. Install the USB image on the MG90:
    1. Remove power from the MG90 (e.g. unplug the power cable).
    2. Insert the USB flash drive into either USB port in the center of the back panel.

    1. Press and hold the Reprogram/Reset button (you should feel or hear it click).
    2. While still pressing Reprogram/Reset, apply power to the MG90 (e.g. reconnect the power cable) and wait until the Power LED begins to blink green.
    3. Release the button and wait while the MG90 installs the image — the LEDs indicate its progress:

      • Power LED blinks green, turns steady green, and then all the LEDs show a yellow or blue ‘chase’ (each LED blinks in sequence).
      • When the chase stops and the Power LED remains steady green, the image is finished loading.
        Note: If the chase pattern does not occur, restart the installation from step 4.1.
    1. When the image is finished loading (steady green Power LED), remove power from the MG90 and then remove the flash drive.
      WARNING: Do not remove the power until the image has loaded, otherwise the flash drive or the MG90’s hard drive could be corrupted and you will have to start over from step 3 ("Copy the USB image ...").
    1. Reconnect power to the MG90.
The upgraded USB image is now running on the MG90.
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