AirLink GX440 Upgrade Shortcut Build for Verizon

Feb 18, 2016 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 4374 Views

If you are updating a Verizon AirLink GX440 from ALEOS 4.3.2 or older, the Upgrade Shortcut Build saves time by reducing the number of hops required to update to the latest version of ALEOS.

**Please DO NOT use this tool to upgrade from ALEOS 4.3.3 or later**

Before running the tool please refer to “Application Note: Updating from Older Version of ALEOS"


Upgrade_Shortcut_build [zip] 30.7MB

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Upgrading from Older Versions of ALEOS Firmware
If the AirLink device you are updating has ALEOS version 4.3.5 or older, use this application note to update the device to the latest firmware. 
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