Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin: ALEOS DDNS EOL

Jun 06, 2023 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 3 - 1853 Views


Cellular routers are assigned a static or dynamic WAN IP address by their cellular carrier. If your ALEOS router has an Internet-routable IP address you may choose to use an ALEOS-supported Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) to access your ALEOS routers via a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Sierra Wireless has historically provided a free DDNS located at for DDNS testing and trials of ALEOS-powered AirLink routers. Our DDNS is unmonitored and has been provided without any service level commitments or uptime expectations, and may go offline periodically and without notice. Our DDNS should not be used in any mission-critical customer applications, and we recommend that customers use an alternative commercial DDNS.

IP Manager is a Sierra Wireless proprietary protocol for supporting a DDNS via a configurable IP Manager-capable server. 


About This Bulletin

This bulletin outlines two important changes to the ALEOS DDNS feature:

1. Changes to DDNS

  • This Sierra Wireless-operated domain and server instance supporting the IP Manager protocol will be shutting down on July 1, 2023.

2. Changes to IP Manager configuration: Customers using our public DDNS server will need to migrate to an alternate DDNS provider prior to our DDNS server shutdown.

  • ALEOS routers configured with the IP Manager protocol using a customer’s existing IP Manager-capable server within a domain the customer controls are not affected and will continue to operate. Note: Sierra Wireless neither recommends nor provides support for IP Manager DDNS configurations.


Action required for customers using

Prior to July 1, 2023, AirLink ALEOS customers using our “” DDNS must select a new ALEOS supported DDNS provider, agree to their commercial terms, and update their AirLink ALEOS router’s configuration to use the DDNS new provider. Customers that do not update their router’s DDNS configuration risk impacting the functionality of their routers.

Please read the Bulletin for more details on how to select and configure an alternate ALEOS DDNS.

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