AirPrime - CMW500 - Throughput Definition and Measurement - Application Note

Feb 17, 2017 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.0 - 1274 Views
This application note details how to setup a Rhode & Schwartz CMW500 platform in order to test the Sierra Wireless MC7304 throughput capabilities within the supported RF bands and MIMO capabilities (this application note is also applicable to all other variants of the MC73xx).

The following is also discussed:
  • Basic IP throughput description.
  • Explanation of the test results and its useful application for both TCP and UDP.
  • Overview and introduction to the “iPerf” tool.
  • Throughput results are achievable with the MC7304.
The document focusses on IPV4 configuration, however this can be extended to IPV6 with proper overhead computation (see “6.2.5 MTU and Protocol Overhead: Maximum Segment Size (MSS)” for details).
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