Setting Up a DNS Service in a Private Network

Mar 13, 2012 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.1 - 3586 Views
This document gives an overview on using a private DNS server to resolve domain name on an AirPrime module. This is useful for AirPrime MC and SL (excluding SL6) modules with EMConnect™ features that only supports IP address and does not support domain name; and AirPrime WS series modules in which resolving domain name using custom DNS server is not possible. The same procedure can also be used to resolve domain name to IP address on AirPrime Q26, SL6, WMP and AirLink products. However, using this procedure is optional in these embedded modules as these modules support Open AT, which has functions that can resolve domain name to IP address (WIP_BOPT_IP_SETDNS option in wip_bearerSetOpts() function or +WIPBR command).


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