Wireless Internet Gateway - Source code example

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Application Description

This application is intended to show an AirLink FX programmable modem, in conjunction with the Ethernet X-card, to operate as an internet gateway allowing a PC to be plugged into it through its Ethernet port and then surf the internet.

The Open AT code includes:
- A DHCP server to automatically allocate IP address to the computers connected on the LAN.
- A web server that prompts an HTTP page to configure the APN and related username and password.

Application operation:

When initially run the application does the following

1. Starts the Ethernet board up.

2. Creates a DHCP server on the Ethernet connection.

3. When an Ethernet client is connected it will detect this and allocate it an address from (the FXT has the address of the default gateway

4. The APN to be used can be configured through the web page hosted on the unit as shown below.

5. Once configured the unit will create a PDP context to the APN and act as a gateway for the connecting client.

Building the project

Please read the notes below about building the project

- The project needs to be built with the relevant Internet plugin for the OS being compiled for.

- When creating the project make sure the Ethernet dependency is selected.



- You may also choose to connect several laptops using an Ethernet switch; the current sample supports up to 8, which can be easily expanded by changing an option in WIP initialization. See chapter 7 in User Guide.

- Compatibility: Open AT Application Framework 2.37.4.

- The source file of focus is “wireless_router_dhcps.c”.


- Ethernet driver as supplied with Internet library.

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