BX310x Approvals

Nov 07, 2018 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 3031 Views

This page includes regulatory approval documentation for the BX3100 and BX3105.

Country BX3100 BX3105 


BX3100/BX3105 DSS - FCC grant
BX3100/BX3105 DTS - FCC grant

Canada (IC)

BX3100/BX3100 - IC certificate
 South Korea BX3100/BX3105 - Certificate of Broadcasting and Communication Equipments
Japan BX3100 - Type Certificate
BX3105 - Type Certificate 
Brazil  Anatel Certificate of Conformity (English)
Anatel Certificate of Conformity (Portuguese)
China (CMIIT)
BX3105 - Type Certificate 
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