AirPrime - XS1110 - Product Technical Specification

Jul 27, 2020 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 4.0 - 2264 Views

The AirPrime XS1110 is a multi-GNSS receiver that is capable of tracking different systems simultaneously. It provides an external antenna interface that supports passive GNSS antennas, and is one of the smallest multi-GNSS modules on the market.

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This document describes proprietary, password-protected AT commands available for Sierra Wireless AirPrime® XS1110 modules.

The GNSS Tool is a graphic user interface (GUI) used with AirPrime XA, XM, XP, and XS modules to monitor GNSS information and execute commands for analysis.

AirPrime - GNSS Tool - User Guide

This document describes the GNSS Tool which can be used to evaluate AirPrime XA, XM, XP, and XS series modules.  

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This document presents guidelines for the industrial assembly of an AirPrime XS Series module on an application.

AirPrime - XS1110 - Development Kit Guide

This user guide describes the setup and usage of the XS1110 module development kit.

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