AirPrime - Q2686 - Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guidelines

Feb 09, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 11.0 - 12168 Views

The Q2686 Intelligent Embedded Module is a self-contained GSM/DCS/GSM850/PCS GPRS 900/1800/850/1900 quad-band embedded module.

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AirPrime - Q2686 - Process Customer Guidelines
This document gives guidelines for the industrial assembly of an AirPrime Q2686 wireless module on an application.
AirPrime - Q2686 Refreshed - Migration Guide
This document sums up the differences between the Q2686 Refreshed embedded module and the Legacy Q2686. The Q2686 Refreshed is a product enhancement of the Legacy Q2686 with a new RF chip set applied. It aims to extend the product life cycle.
AirPrime - Q26 Series - Development Kit User Guide

This document describes how the AirPrime Q26 Series Development Kit (motherboard V3.2, reference: 1400666-B) integrates with the AirPrime Q2686, Q2687, Q26 Elite or Q2698 embedded module. It discusses the different interfaces available on the AirPrime Q26 Series Development Kit and provides schematics to facilitate the user’s understanding and configuration of the development kit for their own use.

AirPrime - Firmware R7.47 - AT Commands Interface Guide

This document provides full description of AT commands supported by AirPrime wireless modules and AirLink Programmable Gateways.

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