AirPrime EM/MC/WP Series - GPS Week Rollover Tool

Sep 26, 2018 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 8654 Views
To address the GPS Week Rollover issue, MC73xx, EM73xx, WP75xx and WP85xx modules should be updated by running either the Windows one-click tool or installing the Linux .nvu provided below.

Background—The Global Positioning System provides positioning fixes and timing information to GPS receivers (such as MC73xx, EM73xx, WP75xx and WP85xx modules). The timing information includes a 'week' component represented as an integer value from 0–1023. This value will 'roll over' on 03 November 2019. As a result, the time reported to customer applications by MC73xx, EM73xx, WP75xx and WP85xx modules will be incorrect. (Note: Positioning fixes will not be affected.)

The following solutions will address the issue to ensure the reported timing information is correct:

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