BC127 Firmware Upgrade Tool

Jun 19, 2018 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version - 10250 Views

The BC127 can be upgraded from a Windows PC using Melody DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade Tool).

Download and install Melody DFU:

  1. Download the BC127 Melody DFU Tool Application Note (instruction guide).
  2. Download the Melody DFU package using the Download link below.
  3. Follow the Installation chapter instructions in the instruction guide.

To update the BC127 with Melody firmware:

  1. Download the appropriate firmware (DFU upgrade) file from the BC127 Firmware page, or through your technical support channel.
  2. Power up the BC127 and connect to it with a terminal (using normal settings).
  3. Enter the following command to instruct the BC127 to wait for the upgrade file:
    (The characters 0xAA 0x52 begin appearing, indicating the BC127 is waiting for the upgrade.)
  4. Close the terminal.
  5. Run the Melody DFU application and follow the Upgrading Melody chapter instructions in the instruction guide.

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