EM7590 Linux Drivers and User Guide

Jun 15, 2022 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 0.01 - 846 Views

EM7590 modules uses the following Linux open source drivers:

  • QMI_WWAN driver — Used by RmNet data and control driver
    Patch required — EM7590 qmi_wwan patch
  • QCSerial driver — Qualcomm USB serial port used by the Modem AT command port, diagnostic DM serial port, and NMEA GPS port
    Patch required — EM7590 qcserial patch
  • MBIM driver — Default build-in CDC_MBIM (Patch not required)

EM7590 modules also use the following libraries for the user space control application:

For more information, refer to the Linux User Guide (use the Download link below).


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