EM9190/EM9191/EM7690 Approved FW Packages

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This page includes approved operator images comprised of FW and Configuration files. Packages are available for the EM9190, EM9190, and EM7690.

This page contains the latest recommended FW/PRI versions. To determine which FW/PRI are available in production for your module SKU, please check with your Sierra Wireless sales contact. Firmware is delivered in a zip file containing a CWE and NVU files that should be used in conjunction with the ‘Firmware_Download’ application (or equivalent APIs in an application) contained in the Linux SDK SampleApps. 

FW Release notes are available here.

Carrier Firmware PRI Firmware files Comment
 AT&T SWIX55C_03.09.06.00 030.038_000 Download Carrier Approved
Bell  SWIX55C_03.09.06.00 030.000_000 Download Accepted by Bell for platform certifications 
DOCOMO SWIX55C_03.04.03.00 030.012_002 Download Carrier Approved
Deutsche Telekom SWIX55C_01.07.13.00 001.002_002 Download Carrier Approved
Generic SWIX55C_03.09.11.00 030.044_000 Download GCF Approved 
Generic SWIX55C_03.09.06.00 030.038_000 Download GCF and PTCRB Approved 
KDDI  SWIX55C_03.09.03.00 030.016_001 Download Carrier Approved
Orange  SWIX55C_03.09.03.00 030.010_000  Download (EM9190) Carrier Approved
Rogers  SWIX55C_03.09.06.00 030.001_000 Download Carrier Approved
 SoftBank SWIX55C_03.09.03.00 030.023_000 Download (EM9190) Carrier Approved
 Telstra SWIX55C_03.04.03.00 030.016_000 Download (EM9190/EM7690 ) Carrier Approved
 T-Mobile SWIX55C_03.09.06.00 030.035_000 Download Carrier Approved 
Verizon SWIX55C_03.09.03.00  030.033_001 Download 

(EM9190/EM9191) Conditional Carrier Approved

(EM7690) Carrier Approved

Verizon SWIX55C_01.07.23.00 012.019_000 Download Carrier Approved

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