Developer Studio (M2M Studio) 1.0.2 Release note

Mar 31, 2009 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.0.2 - 3052 Views

Features M2M Studio 1.0.2


  • [New in 1.0.2] Application settings editor and code generation
  • C/C++ support
  • Project Management : Project Creation Wizard / Import Project / Import Wavecom Software Package
  • Source Code Editor
    • Readability : Explicit syntax colour coding
    • Views : Project View / Function call hierarchy view / Include file hierarchy view
    • Searching : Indexation engine and shortcuts
    • Writing : Word completion


    • [New in 1.0.2] Batch build capability (invoke a project build from the command line)
    • C/C++ compilers support
    • Additional build steps support
    • Compiler : GCC Native / MinGW / ADS Compliant / RVDS Compliant
    • Compilation Flags : Managed for full project or file by file
    • Compilation Options : Managed for full project or file by file
    • Incremental Build
    • Build Reporting : Explicit error and warning message / Direct access to source code linked to errors and warnings


    • Download
      • File Type : Application Binary / Wavecom Firmware binary / Wavecom Boot loader binary
      • File Format : DWL
      • Target Info View : Target Serial Number / Target Mode / Wireless CPU Identification / Embedded Software Identification
      • Shell : AT Console


      • Trace : Trace Filtering / Time Stamp / Log
      • Memory : Memory Status
      • Remote Task Environment
      • JTAG


      • CVS and SVN repositories connection support
      • Integrated Help
      • Integrated Software Update
      • Windows® Platform Support : Windows® XP, Windows® Vista

      Bug fixed


      Install / General

      • Desktop/Start menu shortcuts added for all users
      • Online update site available for software update
      • "Out of memory" error fixed

      Build system / Open AT Projects management

      • Build errors fixed with ARM ELF GCC & MinGW under Windows Vista
      • Remove useless Release configuration for application projects in RTE mode
      • Default configurations at project creation time are new Target ARM ELF GCC and RTE MinGW

      Target management

      • DUMP frames sent by the Firmware were not correctly decoded

      Run & Debug

      • Launch configurations (Run/Debug) can be simply created by using the Run/Debug toolbar button
      • Automatic switch to Target Management perspective when running a project in RTE



      • Desktop/Start menu shortcuts added by the M2M Studio light installer
      • Windows Vista support issues

      Build system / Open AT Projects management

      • No need anymore to take care about the libraries order on the ARM ELF GCC linker command line
      • Some plug-ins samples (e.g. from C-GPS plug-in) dependencies to other plug-ins not correctly managed
      • It was not possible to change the current OS version in a library project
      • Bad symbol name generation for C-GPS plug-in (makes the build fail with ARM compilers)
      • Incremental build was not working (relink of the application was performed on each build request)
      • Added by default the -fno-profile option on ARM ELF GCC compiler command line
      • IDE V1 project import was not working when source paths out of the project directory were referenced
      • IDE V1 library project import was not working
      • IDE V1 project import did not import symbols declared with the -flag option
      • Several issues fixed concerning IDE V1 projects import depending on library projects

      Target management

      • Target Management Toolbar icons strange behaviour when an automatic build is triggered
      • Empty trace levels configuration box after an undetected target reset
      • Traces containing a %u format character not correctly displayed
      • COM port identifier not correctly configured if greater than 9
      • Target management doesn't go anymore to "connected" state if the COM settings are incorrect
      • New toolbar button in the trace view usable to force the target back to Debug after an undetected reset

      Known limitations & bugs


      • Needs an external Java environment previously installed (JAVA 1.6) when using the installer. Once installed, M2M Studio is standalone

      Build system / Open AT Projects management

      • Linker settings are corrupted when importing a project created with M2M Studio 1.0.0
      • M2M Studio created project cannot be built after import if it has dependencies on other workspace projects
      • Paths with space characters are not supported
      • ARM ELF GCC / MinGW build fails if path to SPM Registry is too long (>~100 characters, ie. workspace path >~50 characters with default settings)
      • Library projects dependencies are not managed automatically
      • No synchronization check between the Open AT Firmware version used in a project, and the one running on the connected Wireless CPU

      Target management

      • M2M Studio sometimes crash suddenly on operations related to Target management (connect, baudrate autodetection, download)
        Seems to be related to USB-Serial converter usage
      • Backtraces decoding is not supported
      • Heap memory status does not contain links to source code
      • Trace logging is disabled as soon as the target resets
      • Baudrate autodetection is not configurable
      • Target info view is not automatically refreshed

      Run & Debug

      • JTAG Debug relies on third-party non-integrated software (Open OCD)
      • JTAG Debug works only is the download step is skipped in the Run configuration
      • No check if the connected Wireless CPU is "JTAG-able"
      • Breakpoints cannot be added during a debug session while the program is running (they have to be added when the execution has stopped on another breakpoint)



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