Internet Library 5.30 Release note

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2.1. Software Identification.
2.2. Compatibility.


1. New Features

This section lists the features added from the previous Internet plug-in 5.2x.

DHCP server for WIPLib: embedded module can be used as a gateway between a LAN and a WAN through GPRS. By using DHCP server feature, this gateway can also manage IP address allocation for machines on the LAN. This feature is available in beta stage. For more information, please refer to DHCP server in WIP Connectivity Development Guide.

DNS proxy for WIPLib: embedded module can be used as a gateway between a LAN and a WAN through GPRS. By using DNS proxy feature, this gateway can provide a DNS service for machines on the LAN, thanks to a connection to a DNS server available on the WAN. This feature is available in beta stage. For more information, please refer to DNS proxy in WIP Connectivity Development Guide.

2. Software Release Description

2.1. Software Identification

Software Identification WIPLib 5.30 / WIPSoft 5.32

2.2. Compatibility

Applications built with this Open AT® OS version
Open AT® OS 6.31 or later

(NB:FW>=R73 mandatory for WIPLib and FW>=R74a for WIPSoft)

3. Known restrictions

Id Description (What / When) Impacted Domain Impacted Sub Domain Submitted Date
ANO57230 Transaction ID buffer is currently 10 bytes, it should be 11 bytes to prevent data corruption. WIPSoft OTHER 2/10/2010 15:16
CUS56731 User is not able to re-connect from Windows Machine to Embedded module using PPP bearer even when WIP_BOPT_RESTART option is set TRUE. Windows pops up Error:777 on an attempt to reconnect. WIPLib OTHER 12/16/2009 14:18
CUS56368 WIP net init returns error -26 when called from task ID is greater than NETINT_MAX_THREADS. The returned error is not documented either in WIP UGD or WIP header files. WIPLib OTHER 11/5/2009 17:32
ANO56165 If the network is lost (+WIND: 8 is received) between bearer start and reception of bearer connect event, WIP is no more responsive and no event exchange takes place. WIPLib OTHER 10/15/2009 12:37
ANO56164 The Embedded module resets when network connection is lost during GPRS bearer stop. There should not be any reset on Embedded module, if network connection is broken during bearer stop. WIPLib OTHER 10/15/2009 12:34
ANO55094 User is not able to open the Ethernet bearer after restarting the IP Stack as Embedded module resets. Ideally user should be able to open the Ethernet bearer even after IP stack restart and there should not be any Embedded module reset. WIPSoft OTHER 7/17/2009 20:22
ANO55021 It is not possible to start the Ethernet bearer with DHCP enabled. Also with DHCP disabled, the Ethernet bearer does not get unsubscribed on removing the Ethernet cable. WIPSoft OTHER 7/14/2009 12:34
ANO54171 When an error is generated on a TCP Channel, wip_getOpts() returns the correct last error code in WIPLib, but error code is not correctly display while using WIPSoft. WIPLib OTHER 5/8/2009 11:48
CUS54010 The WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE event is never received after wip_list API. After calling wip_list API, the WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE event must be received at the end of the exchange of data. WIPLib OTHER 4/27/2009 10:16
ANO52919 The TCP socket is SHUTDOWN on the receiving side when “DLE ETX” file is sent using WIPSoft through MTTY tool. WIPSoft OTHER 2/6/2009 12:00
ANO52249 The "+WIPPEERCLOSE" unsolicited indication is not received when the FTP channel is closed by the server due to time out. WIPLib OTHER 12/12/2008 16:16
ANO52193 Customer can't set a specific Ethernet link configuration before starting Ethernet bearer. WIPSoft OTHER 12/10/2008 17:52
ANO49267 While a large data file is sent from the TCP server (public network) to the 8 TCP clients (private network) a reset is observed on Embedded module. Customer may be limited on the number of connections that can be simultaneously handled. WIPLib OTHER 7/10/2008 16:53
ANO47661 "+CME ERROR: 841" is received if invalid FTP server name is given while establishing FTP session. Ideally "+CME ERROR: 842" should be received if invalid FTP server name is provided. WIPLib OTHER 4/23/2008 14:29
ANO46574 WIP_COPT_SND_LOWAT option value gets reset after data transfer through TCP socket. WIP_COPT_SND_LOWAT option value should not change after data transfer through TCP socket. WIPSoft OTHER 3/7/2008 9:39

4. Interface Modifications

API Comment
wip_setOpts() wip_getOpts() wip_readOpts() wip_writeOpts() wip_netSetOptsv() Variable arguments of type va_list are now passed as reference (va_list * pargs). It impacts external WIP functions as wip_setOpts(), wip_getOpts(), wip_readOpts(), wip_writeOpts(), wip_netSetOptsv(). This has been done for RVDS compiler use. And that has implied the new generation of Security Plugin WipSSL

5. Corrections & Improvements

Id Description (What / When) Impacted Domain Impacted Sub Domain Fixed in
CUS57504 User receives +CME ERROR:847 and bearer gets disconnected when AT+WIPBR=4,6,0 command is given at the time GPRS bearer is already connected.
Ideally, only +CME ERROR:803 should be received and not followed by +CME ERROR:847, when user attempts to start the GPRS bearer at the time the bearer is already connected. The GPRS bearer should not get disconnected after 2 minutes on such an attempt.
WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.32
ANO53459 When wip_putfile () API is provided with invalid file path for FTP protocol, the event WIP_CEV_OPEN followed by WIP_CEV_WRITE event are received in the file data handler. The ideal behavior should have been receiving WIP_CEV_ERROR in file data handler. Note that, this behavior is observed only in passive mode of FTP and not in case of active mode FTP. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
CUS53549 The "WIP_BEV_STOPPED" event is not received when Ethernet bearer is stopped using wip_bearerStop () API. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
ANO54436 On giving the command AT+WIPBR=2, 6, <opt num>, <value> where <opt num>=12/13/14/20 and value=alphabet/negative, user receives +CME ERROR: 800 instead of +CME ERROR: 801. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
CUS54452 After activating PDP context with CID 1 with WIP bearer APIs, then the dialing ATD*99**2# with CID 2 freezes the dialing process. It is not possible to open another PDP context when bearer is started using WIP Plug-In. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
CUS54671 It is not possible to perform operations such as set or get options through an Embedded application, compiled with RVDS compiler. The error -998 is received from WIP Library. Ideally user should be able to perform the above operations on RVDS also, as already being able to successfully perform on other two compilers: GCC and ADS. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
ANO54982 User will not be able to create a socket after starting the Ethernet bearer, when DHCP is disabled. Ideally, user should be able to create a socket for both the cases: DHCP enabled or disabled. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
ANO55022 It is not possible to create a socket after starting the Ethernet bearer, "+CME ERROR: 803" is attained. Ideally the user should be able to create a socket after starting Ethernet bearer, irrespective whether DHCP is enabled or disabled. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
ANO56360 WIP_BERR_NO_DEV error is received while opening Ethernet bearer with RVDS binary. It works fine with GCC compiled binary. User should not get this error irrespective of compiler being used i.e. GCC or RVDS. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
CUS56419 When mail is downloaded using POP3 protocol and WIPSoft application, data gets corrupted. Some characters are missing from the downloaded mail. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.30
CUS56883 Creating and closing the HTTP sessions consecutively for sometimes causes Embedded module to reset. This is due to memory leak while opening and closing the HTTP Sessions. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
CUS53515 It is not possible to send data through UDP client socket in the continuous data mode, using WIPSoft application compiled on RVDS compiler. The Embedded module gets reset. Ideally, user should be able to exchange data over UDP socket using application compiled on any of the compilers: ADC/GCC/RVDS. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
ANO54615 When AT+WIPBR command is issued with "invalid value" for the option WIP_BOPT_LOGIN, OK response is received instead of +CME ERROR: 801. Note that this command is given after starting the stack (AT+WIPCFG=1) and opening the particular bearer (AT+WIPBR=1, 6). WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
ANO54984 The user cannot retrieve the IP address values set through +WIPBR command, before or after starting the bearer. Ideally, the user should be able to retrieve the IP related values after starting the bearer. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
CUS55050 Using WIPSoft, the unsolicited indications +WIPDATA, +WIPACCEPT, +WIPFILE and +WIPREADY are not received on all the ports opened (USB, CMUX and UARTS). Ideally, these unsolicited indications should be received at all open ports. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.31
ANO52954 Using WIPSoft, while creating an FTP/POP3/SMTP/HTTP/UDP session using “AT+WIPCREATE” command, if the peer port/local port number is not provided then “+CME ERROR 847” is returned. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
ANO54438 For AT+WIPCREATE command (UDP) having port number with odd number of digits (within port range 1-65535) +CME ERROR: 800 are returned. Also, for port number out of bounds but having odd number of digits +CME ERROR: 800 is returned instead of +CME ERROR: 832. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
CUS55648 When sending data using DTR toggling mode with WIPSoft, data loss occurs. Ideally there should not be any data loss. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
ANO53546 OK is received before the CONNECT indication while downloading a file of small size from FTP server over UART PPP bearer. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
CUS54789 Using WIPSoft, if the DTR signal is used to switch from DATA mode (ONLINE) to AT mode (OFFLINE), in some cases, the V24 request does not go in to OFFLINE. Even after manually trying +++ command the transition does not occur. Wireless CPU® has to be restarted to get out of this state. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
ANO50057 Sometime for +WIPPING command, the number of PING response received is one less than the specified number of PING echo request specified(WIP_COPT_REPEAT). WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
ANO51380 It is not possible to open a second PDP context using cid2 when bearer is started using Open AT® WIP Plug-In. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
ANO51761 FTP data channel is closed by WIP when an error is raised by the socket.
This leads to memory corruption if the user application keeps using this channel, since it does not exist anymore.
ANO52283 Response to a Ping request is not systematically sent to user application, whatever the timeout value. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
ANO52453 Sometime the “response_time” parameter is set zero with timeout parameter specified in the +WIPPING command. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
ANO54049 Using WIPSoft, "+CME ERROR: 851" is returned when creating FTP/HTTP/SMTP/POP3 data channel with default value of optional parameter. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
ANO54400 When Ethernet bearer is opened and closed multiple times using AT+WIPBR command then a reset is observed on Wireless CPU most of the times. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
ANO54787 Unable to make multiple connections with IDS server when a Ping application is running in parallel WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
CUS44584 Using WIPSoft, when an attempt is made to download a non-existing file from a FTP server, the FCM flow switches to data mode and CONNECT indication is received on the external application. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.21
CUS53931 When activating Ping channel to send several ping requests, if the channel is closed by application before completion of all ping requests, error -995 is reported. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.20
CUS46367 WIP_COPT_POP3_MAILSIZE option will return the value received by the 'LIST n' command and not the 'RETR n' command. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS47094 When an attempt is made to change the "Data representation TYPE" for FTP protocol using “AT+WIPOPT” command, the type is not set successfully for the FTP session. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO47660 Invalid value read from WIPSoft for option 7 (WIP_COPT_NODELAY) for TCP Channels. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO48994 With current implementation, application can't manually set the Ethernet link configuration and each try will set 10 Base T always.
Next version will set correctly the link speed.
Currently, customer can't read back value that was configured. After change, value of this option will be correctly returned. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO49268 Application can set a 32bits value for NAT timeouts but can't read value if >65535.
Correction will correct this problem.
ANO49873 Result of ping function is a multiple of 500ms. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO49918 Wireless CPU® reset is observed while setting options with NULL MMS structure pointer. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50009 If you get an HTTPS page without initialized WIPSSL library, you get a reboot. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50410 WIP does not fully release memory it was allocated.
Customer app will consume 272 bytes of heap memory as soon as WIP was initialized.
After correction, these 272 bytes will be freed.
CUS50446 In a HTTP Client, an event WIP_CERR_CSTATE is generated at the final call of WIP_CEV_READ event. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50640 When the WIP sample applications are compiled with the Eclipse environment, the compilation fails. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50656 It is not possible to use specific socket parameters with high level protocol (such as FTP). WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50657 Customer application doesn't receive a DONE event for a file operation and so, it must wait sometimes after a PEER_CLOSE event on the data channel before issuing the next operation. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS50679 A WIP_CEV_WRITE event is actually generated at the opening of an FTP file download channel. Filter in wrapper channel should allow application to receive only relevant events according the file operation. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
DEV50806 If an UART is switched to DATA mode with wip_fcmCreate() then switched back to AT mode with "+++" escape sequence, no further subscription to that FCM port will succeed. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO51257 The HTTP method used is not traced properly. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO51261 Cannot send mms using Vodafone or Tim operator in Italy, as their service center reject anonymous message sending. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
CUS51437 unable to compile the TCP_CLIENT sample application in RTE mode using ECLPISE IDE WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.10
ANO46887 Application can't set the Ethernet interface link configuration nor the promiscuous mode. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.00
ANO48103 When a finalizer is specified for the HTTP SESSION channel, it is called prematurely. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 5.00
ANO42734 No response is received if an attempt is made to exchange data for the second time for FTP/HTTP/SMTP/POP3 protocols. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 4.00
CUS45232 When An email is sent using SMTP protocol from an SMTP server, the body is not received correctly or the e-mail is not received at all. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 4.00
CUS47095 SMTP doesn't respect the RFC requirements for addresses encoding WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 4.00
CUS47097 "AT+WIPPING" does not work for the first time when used with a DNS name WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 4.00
CUS44666 It is not possible to create a PPP client on the Wireless CPU® which connects with the PPP server on the PC. WIPLib OTHER WIPLib 4.00
CUS52786 Data loss is observed in the UART when a file is downloaded from the FTP server at lower baud rates especially at 9600 baud/s or below. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
CUS51799 Data corruption occurs when a binary file is sent from a utility (UdpPktTest.exe) to the Wireless CPU®, (with WIPSoft application) in case of UDP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO53038 The “+WIPFILE” indication is not received after switching to AT mode on completion of get file request, through a HTTP session. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO52859 It is not possible to create an HTTP session without specifying the server address in WIPSoft. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO51445 Two CONNECT indications are received when file is uploaded using FTP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO43776 OK is not received when values are read using +WIPOPT command for FTP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO40606 Data can be lost if an attempt is made to write large amount of data to an UDP socket. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
CUS51285 NET 10 level traces are not displayed in TMT to get the debug information when WIP Soft application is used. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
CUS48612 In Wireless CPU®, during FTP download data loss is experienced. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO52861 Debug traces are not sent to USB port when activated using +WIPCFG command in WIPSoft. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO52224 Closing the PPP connection after creation of TCP socket leads to WCPU reset. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO51725 While uploading a file, if “+++” is issued to switch to AT mode, two “OK” responses are received in case of FTP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO50028 When the +WIPFILE command is used to retrieve data from server, the first chunk of data is not received. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO48164 Incorrect +CME ERROR codes are sent by WIPSOFT for PPP LINK failure and PPP Terminate requests. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO47657 Wrong error code is being displayed for the +WIPCREATE command. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO44320 Responses for file session are not sent to the port on which the file session is created for SMTP and POP3 protocols. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO43737 The “WIP_CERR_NOT_SUPPORTED” error code is received when an attempt is made to map an UDP socket to continuous mode of data transmission. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO52318 Unexpected "OK" indication is received before “+WIPPEERCLOSE” indication, in case of SMTP and POP3 protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO51910 It is not possible to delete or retrieve a mail for the second time when the first attempt returns an error in case of POP3 protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO47949 +WIPDATA, +WIPFILE and +WIPACCEPT unsolicited indications are not received with UART2, CMUX and USB ports. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO44436 Error codes returned by the “AT+WIPOPT” command for setting/retrieving different options for UDP, TCP server and TCP client sockets are not uniform. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO44364 No response is attained if an attempt is made to create/start a socket/session with less than/more than minimum/maximum number of mandatory parameters for any protocol.
No error code is returned if the specified number of parameters is more than the maximum number of mandatory parameters for starting/closing stack and saving/erasing TCP/IP stack configuration parameters into/from flash.
WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO44363 Negative option value for the FTP session returns “+CME ERROR: 800” error code instead of “+CME ERROR: 801”. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
ANO44362 Zero value for the “WIP_BOPT_GPRS_CID” option returns “OK” response though the valid value ranges from 1 to 4 WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.12
CUS44370 Not able to use option WIP_WOPT_RCV_LOWAT provided by WIPSoft. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO48245 Invalid error code returned for command
IP < AT+WIPCREATE=2,4,"",80 > .
WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS51164 Customer application is unable to use HTTP GET request using WipSoft, especially using small web pages. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO51753 It is not possible to upload or download a file for the second time when the first trial returns an error in case of FTP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO51756 “OK” response returned for the invalid AT+WIPDATA command e.g.: AT+WIPDATA=2,1, or AT+WIPDATA=1,1, WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO51815 “CME ERROR:800” is returned when trying to upload a file without specifying the path i.e. AT+WIPFILE = 4,1,2,"ftptest.txt" WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO50888 UDP continuous transparent mode is not in compliant with GR64 behavior. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS47765 No response is received if an attempt is made to exchange data for the second time for FTP/HTTP/SMTP/POP3 protocols. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS41712 Data is lost while large chunk of data is sent/received for TCP and UDP protocol. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
ANO48061 Unsolicited responses are sometimes not attained in the external application until an unless addition AT command is executed. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS44710 Add one new mode through +WIPCFG AT command to allow or not the “+++” escape sequence to be sent as data towards the remote IP device. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS45535 Recreation of TCP client socket is unsuccessful when the URL is used instead of IP address. WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
CUS37108 When creating a socket with the wip_create() (wiplib) or AT+WIPCREATE (wipsoft) just after the call of wipclose() (wiplib) or AT+WIPCLOSE (from wipsoft) of that socket (same address and port) , that created socket cannot function properly as expected because the socket closing needs time and is not immediate.
Workaround: The socket open call should not be called just after a socket close call: After a call to wip_close() or AT+WIPCLOSE to close a socket, a delay of one second is necessary before calling again the wip_create() or AT+WIPCREATE to open a new socket. If due to that asynchronous process the socket open call is too close to the socket close call and that issue is encountered, another workaround is to close and reopen that socket.
WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.11
Data is lost while large chunk of data is sent/received for TCP and UDP protocol WIPSoft OTHER WIPSoft 5.01



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