ACETECH Installation and Configuration Guide

May 01, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 1.2 - 1196 Views
The ACETECH AVI is an Advanced Vehicle Informatics (AVI) module that combines GPS, OBDII, and accelerometer data to collect information on location, engine status, driver dashboard status, speed and directional forces including acceleration, deceleration and cornering. The data is collected and transmitted in real-time to servers that ACETECH operates to provide operational, safety, and maintenance related reports.

The ACETECH AVI module connects to the oMG via its serial interface, which in turn provides the cellular WAN connectivity that the AVI module requires to send data to the ACETECH servers. The module also consists of an add-on software application that runs on the oMG.

The attached document provides information on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the ACETECH AVI with an oMG.
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