Ensuring Asset Temperature units show correctly

Jun 15, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1079 Views

This article applies to oMM appliance owners only.


Some users confuse the Measurement Units with the units set for the Asset Temperature stat. Changing the Measurement Units for an oMM user from Imperial to Metric or vice versa, is not the same as configuring the Unit (i.e. Celsius or Fahrenheit) setting for the Asset Temperature Stat itself.


Measurement Units control the units used for displaying values on the oMM and are set on a per user basis. The Unit setting for the Asset Temperature Stat on the other hand, specifies the data format used for communications between the oMG to the oMM, and applies to the entire server. Once data has been communicated from the oMG to the oMM, the oMM will automatically convert the values to the appropriate display units. When In Motion programs AeroScout tags, the Unit is set to Celsius on the Admin->Stats screen for the Asset Temperature Stat and MUST therefore be left at Celsius.

To display the Asset Temperature in Fahrenheit for a particular user, go to the Admin->User page and set the Measurement Units for that user to Fahrenheit.

Note that the Measurement Units which are specified as part of each user's configuration, can only be configured by an administrative user.
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