Nav Application Guide

May 18, 2017 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 2 - 2555 Views

The Nav Application is an optional application installed on the oMG. It works in conjunction with a Garmin PND and an oMM to provide vehicle routing functionality and two-way messaging capabilities between a fleet of vehicles and a control center.

The Garmin PND and the oMG are physically connected via a serial cable and are installed in a vehicle. The PND reports its location automatically via the oMG to the oMM using the oMG’s onboard application and WAN connection. At the Control Center operations personnel can view real time vehicle locations on a map displayed on the oMM and can send routing instructions to vehicles for their next and future destinations using a simple User Interface. Operations personnel are able to send and receive messages to one or more vehicles in the fleet at any time, and drivers are able to respond to incoming messages as well as send messages to operations personnel.

For complete information, please review the attached guide.

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