Preparing a Vehicle for Installation of Telemetry

Jul 08, 2015 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1528 Views
Sierra Wireless' Telemetry Verification Kit can be used to determine if a vehicle supports the PID’s necessary to successfully use the Telemetry Module on the oMG. Therefore the Telemetry Verification kit should be run on every vehicle before installing the Telemetry Module on each vehicle’s oMG.

When viewing the report generated by the Telemetry Verification Kit, examine the value for PID 0x31:

Distance traveled since codes cleared

Mode 0x01 - PID 0x31



If the value for PID 0x31 is 65535, the engine codes should be reset with an OBD-II diagnostic tool used by a mechanic or repair facility. Note that Sierra Wireless' scanner cannot reset codes.

Once the engine codes are reset, the Verification Kit should be run again to verify that the number is cleared. 

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