AirPrime eCall Specification

Dec 13, 2012 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 13.0 - 3993 Views

This document is an early version of requirements specification for Sierra Wireless NADs (Network Access Devices) products providing eCall functions.

The native network access capabilities of Sierra Wireless NADs have been extended to cover eCall service access functionalities. NAD products are designed to be integrated into an IVS.

The following types of Sierra Wireless NAD are addressed in this document and allow 3 different architectures:

1) Sierra Wireless NAD without built-in GNSS
2) Sierra Wireless NAD with built-in GNSS
3) Sierra Wireless Standalone NAD

An external processor running eCall high level application is required to drive “Sierra Wireless NAD without built-in GNSS” and “Sierra Wireless NAD without built-in GNSS” as a modem through serial lines and AT commands. eCall management logic, named as eCall Manager, is implemented in the high level IVS application. Sierra Wireless Standalone NAD provides further features as the eCall Manager is embedded into the NAD. In both cases, network access and eCall service access burdens are undertaken by the NAD. Car Equipement Supplier integrating Sierra Wireless NAD products can therefore reduce the risk exposure and time to market.

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