25,000 forum posts! What's next?

06 Jun. 2012
Author: Thibault Cantegrel

25,000 Forum posts!

Few weeks ago, we've celebrated the 25,000 posts on Sierra Wireless developer forum, which make our forum the most popular developer forum in the m2m area. Congratulations to the top contributors of the forum! (their names are displayed on the left side of this page, and few faces can be found on the home page as well).


Great, but what's next?

After 6 years of existence, Sierra Wireless decided to strengthen the developer community, build the Developer Zone website, get more Sierra Wireless eyes on the forum, and open the forum to new technologies developed at Sierra Wireless.

So, here we are! New technologies ahead, with:

  • Open AT on 3G modules (5 times faster than the current ones!),
  • Open the development of embedded applications to non embedded software experts with Lua programming with ALEOS Application Framework capable Linux based AirLink gateways
  • Open source based tooling and technology in order to provide more powerful and standardized technology to developers (Sierra Wireless has co-initiated the M2M Industry Working Group at Eclipse and contributed its software to Koneki open source project during the last year)
  • A brand new M2M cloud platform 4th version, even more user friendly, more powerful, more cloud

Stay tuned!

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