ALEOS Application Framework

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ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) provides developers a complete set of building blocks and tools for creating applications that run inside Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateways. AAF extends the proven ALEOS built-in embedded intelligence and integrates with the AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform in order to offer developers and customers a platform for creating tailored end-to-end M2M solution.

AAF provides M2M and network protocol stacks, remote application and data management, access to existing ALEOS services, and direct access to hardware interfaces for building custom M2M applications.


AAF gets solutions to market faster, simplifies deployment, and allows for specialized features that yield cheaper and more focused solutions. Intelligence at the edge reduces hardware and communication costs by preprocessing and transmitting only necessary data.  

For a visual introduction to AF and what it enables, see the AAF Video.


Get Started!

For a quick start, follow the following steps:


Step 1 - Explore AAF Application Development

  1. Download and install AAF Developer Studio.
  2. Set up your AirLink Gateway using Setting Up Hardware Tutorial.
  3. Write your first "hello world" application: check out the Getting Started Tutorial.
  4. Documentation on the APIs can be found here: ALEOS AF API Reference Guide.
  5. Examples and other resources are available here: ALEOS AF Developer Resources.
  6. Find help on the Sierra Wireless Forum.


Step 2 - Explore AirVantage Integration

  1. Register for an AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform account.
  2. Explore the ALEOS AF AirVantage tutorial and technical article:


On-Line Content

The following AAF documentation is hosted on the Resources page of this website:

Content Description Section
Developer Studio (IDE) The tool used by developers to write code, test it and release it. Development Tools
Framework API Doc Module / library API documentation Software Reference Documents
Tutorials Provides step-by-step instructions on making user of various features. Tutorials
Technical Articles Technical memos describing the background, function and design considerations of more involved AAF features. How Tos & Code Samples
Sample Applications Examples of how to leverage various AAF features. How Tos & Code Samples


Developer Kit

Sierra Wireless offers an AAF Developer Kit that provides developers a real-life working example of monitoring and controlling physical equipment. It's available through approved re-sellers and works with your Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateway.

For more information on obtaining the AAF Developer Kit and downloading the sample application visit the AAF Developer Kit.



Related items

ALEOS AF Developer Studio (IDE)

ALEOS AF Developer Studio (IDE) executable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

ALEOS AF Platform Package

This page contains the ALEOS Application Framework Platform Package release used with Developer Studio 1.0.0 The Platform Package is complimentary to the standalone Developer Studio download. It is no longer required with Developer Studio from 2.0.0 and above.

ALEOS AF Developer Kit Accessory
Sierra Wireless is providing an ALEOS Application Framework Developer Kit accessory that can be purchased through approved re-sellers to provide developers a real-life working example of monitoring & controlling physical equipment.
Specifically the AAF Developer Kit accessory includes a CrystalFontz Serial Character LCD, CFA533, with input buttons. This is paired with a sample embedded application and sample server application that demonstrate how to use the AirVantage Application Framework to remotely control and monitor the CFA533.
ALEOS Application Framework Video Presentation

This video introduces the key concepts of ALEOS AF and what it enables.

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