ALEOS AF Setting Up Hardware Tutorial

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1. Install USB Drivers

The GX400 supports exposing the USB OTG interface as a USB Ethernet device. This allows users to connect to their GX400 via USB.

PC support for connecting to the GX400 via USB is as follows:

OS Suppport
Windows Requires driver installation
OS X Natively supported1
Linux Natively supported by most kernels

1 OS X 10.7.0 has a bug which breaks support for USB Ethernet devices, this is resolved in 10.7.1 and later.
Drivers and instructions for installation can be found in <AAF-Package>/tools/drivers.


2. Connect to the GX400

A few important notes regarding connecting to the GX gateway.

  1. When attempting to access a locally connected GX gateway with default configuration this can often be done using the IP address.
    This documentation assumes that developers will connect to devices using USB and thus uses the device IP If you instead use Etherent please use in place of
  2. The default AceManager credentials are username "user" and password "12345".
  3. When connecting via USB often developers have other WAN connections (such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet). It is possible in these situations that the developer's machine chooses the USB connection as the default route for internet packets. This can break access to local services (such as network shares) or even internet access (if the GX does not have internet access). 
    Windows machines can resovle this by statically assigning the LAN IP address to the computer's USB network interface (e.g., statically assign See Windows - To configure TCP/IP for static addressing for details on configuring a static IP.


3. Update Firmware

To enable Embedded Application Framework support in your GX400 you will need to apply a firmware update. The update can be found in <AAF-Package>/firmware/. There are two .bin files located in this directory, both effectively can update the device to the same version.

To apply the update, connect to your GX400 and load the AceManager Web UI (either or depending whether you are connected via USB or Ethernet (respectively).


4. Enable ALEOS AF

ALEOS AF is disabled by default in ALEOS firmware that supports it. Enabling ALEOS AF can be done two ways: (1) via AceManager and (2) via AirVantage Management Services.

To enable ALEOS AF via AceManager follow the following steps:

  1. Connect to AceManager; open in your browser and login as user (default password is 12345)
  2. Go to the Applications tab and select the ALEOS Application Framework section (via menu on the left).
  3. Set the "ALEOS Application Framework" parameter to "Enable" and click Apply.
  4. Restart the device.



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