ALEOS AF Developer Kit Accessory

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Sierra Wireless is providing an ALEOS AF Developer Kit accessory to demonstrate the power of the ALEOS Application Framework and benefits of the AirVantage M2M Cloud. This developer kit accessory comes with a complete working example of monitoring & controlling physical piece of equipment. 

Specifically the ALEOS AF Developer Kit accessory includes a CrystalFontz Serial Character CFA533

LCD (with input buttons) as well as necessary power and serial cabling. This is paired with a sample embedded application and sample server application that demonstrate how to use the AirVantage Enterprise Platform APIs to remotely control and monitor the CFA533.

Sample Application(s)

The sample solution provided with the ALEOS AF DevKit accessory is a remote questionnaire solution. The remote questionnaire solution is comprised of:

  1. A web interface (web application) that provides users an interface where user #1 may submit a Yes/No question (e.g., "Are you excited about writing apps inside your GX!?") that is forwarded to an ALEOS AF application via AirVantage.
  2. An ALEOS AF application that receives the question, displays it on the connected LCD, receives user #2's response (per input check or X button) and submits the question back to AirVantage.
  3. The web interface from #1 that also displays user #2s response.


The source for the ALEOS AF application and instructions for setting up the solution can be found at the Crystal Code Sample page.


The ALEOS AF Dev Kit accessory can be purchased through approved re-sellers. 

Contact your local AirLink distributor for more information.

Here's a list of distributors currently selling this kit online:

Distributor Website Country
Feeney USA
Get Wireless
Digital Highway
Quality Communications USA
Novotech Canada
Westbase UK
Sphinx France
S-Connect Spain
Trinity South Africa
SGC United Arab Emirates
Tel-Ad Israel
Mobile World Finland
Product Identifier: 6000533
Area of Availablility: Worldwide


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