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Apr 12, 2023 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 3 - 16502 Views

The AM and AMM are powerful browser-based software applications that enable users to configure, monitor and analyze AirLink gateways and Routers. AMM and MGOS-based devices also support associated applications/accessories (such as Telemetry, Tracker, TotalReach and Asset Manager Wi-Fi tags).

Each AirLink device collects operational data in a log (e.g. connection status, data transmitted/received, temperature of the unit, voltage of the vehicle, GPS location data, etc.). The data logs from the gateways are transmitted over the wireless data network to a server. The AM or AMM uses these data logs to present current and historical activity.

The AM and AMM are highly configurable to enable great flexibility between customer situations. Business intelligence-style data presentation and reporting enable users to leverage the large amount of data available from the gateways.

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