Location library

Feb 02, 2012 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 1396 Views

The Location library eases the integration process of GPS functionalities with AirPrime wireless modules using Open AT OS by driving the AirPrime XM0110 GPS Module. It facilitates integration, minimizes memory footprint requirements, and reduces the cost of the complete design.

When you use the AirPrime XM0110 GPS Module (based on SiRFstarIV™) in combination with your AirPrime wireless module, your application does not need to handle low level interfacing with the GPS chipset - the Location library performs this task.

The AirPrime XM0110 GPS Module receives the GPS data, performs the preliminary processing on the data, and forwards the data to the wireless module. The application executed on the module performs processing based on the received data.

Key features:

  • NMEA and PVT services
  • Autonomous GPS and Assisted GPS (A-GPS)

This library is included in the Developer Studio


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