Open AT Application Framework

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The Open AT Application Framework is a complete software package for embedded M2M application development. It offers a range of readily available building blocks which accelerate the application development process, allowing you to bring connected products to market faster and reduce development costs.

The Open AT Application Framework consists of an M2M-specific operating system, a range of software libraries, and its Developer Studio (an integrated development environment based on Eclipse™).

Developer Studio makes developing embedded cellular M2M applications easier, faster and more enjoyable than ever before. Everything is integrated into a single environment that runs at high speed on your chosen development workstation, making your development experience more streamlined and efficient. Integration is redefined with the full development process at your finger tips, including coding, debugging, target download, and target monitoring.

See also: Developer Studio release notes

Find older version of AirPrime Open AT Application Framework in the archive.

Light Installer (Less than 50Mbytes). This installer manages the download process of the latest development tools and drivers from the online repository, downloading only the elements you need. Choose this option if your Internet connection is fast and reliable.

Full Installer (more than 500Mbytes). Please go to the firmware download section of your product if you want to download the Full Installer. This installer will download the entire Open AT Application Framework for your product to your computer. Choose this option if your Internet connection is slow or unstable, or if you plan to use the Open AT Application Framework on a computer with no Internet connection. Please note that downloading the full installer may take an hour or more, depending on your network bandwidth.

for more information concerning hardware/software requirements for Developer Studio, please refer to




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Developer Studio is the Sierra Wireless IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Open AT and Legato Application Frameworks. This document describes how to setup a new Developer Studio installation, whatever you are using a Linux or a Windows system.
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