HL7800/HL7800-M Firmware Release

Nov 15, 2019 - Author: Sierra Wireless - 729 Views

Use the links below to download installation files for HL7800 and HL7800-M firmware release, plus related Customer Release Notes.

For image installation instructions, refer to the Customer Release Notes.

Note: HL7800 and HL7800-M modules use module-specific firmware images.

Module .exe file (Windows One-click) .7z file (sft Standalone) Customer Release Notes Approvals / Comments
Download (SHA256)
Download (SHA256)


Download (SHA256)
Download (SHA256)

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This document describes the AT command set used with the AirPrime HL78xx series of embedded modules.

HL7800/HL7800-M Firmware Release History item

Available HL78xx Firmware Releases:

HL7800/HL7800-M Firmware Release

HL7800/HL7800-M Firmware Release 3.5.0

Note: If you require access to older releases, contact your Sierra Wireless representative.

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