Open AT Application Framework 2.52.0.A1 Full Installer for Q2698_FX100

Mar 27, 2014 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version 2.52.0.A1 - 5893 Views
Download the full installer (more than 500Mbytes). This installer will download the entire Open AT Application Framework to your computer. Please note that downloading the full installer may take an hour or more, depending on your network bandwidth.


Note: If your internet connection is fast, you can also download the light installer from here (Download the Light Installer). This installer manages the download process of the latest development tools and drivers from the online repository, downloading only the elements you need (you’ll have also have to select the Firmware version that you want to download). Choose this option if your Internet connection is fast and reliable.

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Open AT Application Framework 2.52.0.A1 for Q2698_FX100
Open AT® Application Framework 2.52.A1 package contains:
OS 6.52.0.A1 Release Notes
Release Notes for OS 6.52.0.A1 for an AirPrime or AirLink products
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